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Eighty Twenty are a collective of global marketing transformation executives and operators that help organizations build capabilities and operational models that give them an advantage in this highly complex digital ecosystem.

Our mission is to empower brands to make informed investment, operational & marketing decisions, that ultimately drive sustainable growth.

Marketers are facing increasing challenges due to media fragmentation, silo’d and unverified measurement, true attribution, partner / performance management, lack of transparency, and outdated agency contracts. Simultaneously; trying to keep current with industry trends, technology and education to stay focused on growth.

The ecosystem has become wildly inefficient at a time where accountability is paramount.

We work with some of the most ambitious procurement, media and marketing teams building global capabilities & operational structures focussed on significantly improving performance, capabilities & investments that lead to sustainable growth.



Marketing transformation has uncovered new opportunities to assess, measure, and maximize the value of your marketing capabilities, services and investments.

Our team of experienced advisors and operators offer education workshops, strategy development & implementation within the following core disciplines.

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Strategy & operations

A fragmented media ecosystem makes it challenging for organizations to measure audience, performance & attribution - ultimately affecting potential return on investment.

We help our clients with:

  • Attribution Strategy

  • Measurement Frameworks

  • Internalization Assessments

  • Digital Media Audits & Evaluations

marketing capabilities


The speed in which the marketing landscape has shifted drastically affects organizational design, capability requirements, incentives, skills and processes that will ultimately continue to deliver successful marketing outcomes.

Expertise to challenge current methodologies are paramount to continually ensure sound investments.

We help our clients with:

  • In-Housing / Resourcing

  • Organizational Design

  • Marketing Tech Infrastructure

marketing procurement


Maximizing marketing value through smarter procurement decisions is becoming a frequent exercise as complexity & technology have changed contracts, services & partner selection.

This is a critical area of focus to ensure ample capabilities, fit & preferable economics.

We help our clients with:

  • Agency Pitch Management

  • Marketing Tech Assessment

  • Contract Reviews

  • PRIP Management

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